Celebrating 55 Years of Navigating Pits

OK, this year I want to take a minute to give a shout-out to a few people that mean a lot to me and keep affecting my life in positive ways.  So, in no particular order here they are:

  • My Mom
  • Donald High
  • Berlenda Hubbard
  • Cindy Fredericks Reed
  • Carla Jo Howlett
  • Edgelle Pettigrew
  • Tumi Johnson
  • Olivia Chase
  • Maurice C. Blaustein
  • Brian Mcgowan
  • Dave Andre
  • Garth Rose
  • Kevin Lee
  • Charles Fraizer
  • Richard Swift
  • Kanti Chakrabarti
  • Mikie Boone
  • Steve Grevious

In this list are a mom, dad, doctor, mentors, aunts, sisters, brothers, counselors, colleagues, confidants and dear, close friends.

With all of you, I can be my true, nerdy self, and you love me for it.  With you, I can contemplate, speculate, pontificate, joke, laugh, cry, share deep thoughts about anything from politics, work, metaphysics, diet, life and my favorite past time, biking.

The community of spirits in my life is by no means defined by this finite list of people. I just want to take the time, in this 55th year of my life, to point out a few people for whom my life has been made richer because they are in it.

I am grateful for everyone I have met in this life thus far; even the person I pass on the street and simply give a polite smile to.  Or the lady I met at the restaurant the other day while picking up an order; we spoke for only five minutes but gave each other a big hug at the end of our conversation.  Or the fellow biker a met on my ride the other day; we chatted for a mile or two, shook hands and road our separate ways; a brief, but enriching encounter.

All encounters, all interactions, all experiences good and bad, I am grateful for all of them.  And I am grateful for all of you, every spirit that comes into my experience every single day; for you, all of you…, you help to shape and make me a better person each and every day of my life.  To all of you, I have nothing but humble praise and gratitude and I say, THANK YOU!

DadAndMeJun1st1970On this day, I’m reminded of the many pieces of advice my father gave me over the years; much of which I didn’t listen well to or understand fully until now.  Of his key pieces of advice, one was about pits; in fact, this was a piece of advice he had given me many times; I’m just hardheaded or a very slow learner.

I would tell my dad about something I wanted to do or be, someplace I was planning to go, some girl I wanted to date, something I wanted to buy; you know, things like that.  Dad would sit and calmly listen to my ramblings for a time; I was wise enough to be brief. Then, at the end of my conversation, if he felt I may be going down the wrong path or a difficult path, he would stand up, look right into my eyes and say, in a very loud voice, “Pit Here!”.  I would frown right back at him and say, “Come on Dad! What do you mean, Pit Here?”

Then dad would sit back down and calmly say to me, you’re about to fall into a pit; so, you have two choices; you can listen to the advice I’m about to give you and avoid falling into the pit, or you can discard my advice and most likely fall into the pit.

I would take a huffy, half-hearted deep breath, to impart my discomfort in having to take his advice, and then I’d say, “Oh… O right… What’s the pit I’m about to fall into? A hint of a very small smile would appear on dad’s face, and then he would give me some very sound advice.

Now, when I look back over the many events of my life, I must honestly tell you, I did not always follow his advice; and sure enough, over these past 55 years, I have fallen into more than a few pits; some very deep ones I might add.

Now Dad, knew that I wasn’t always going to listen to some of his advice; in fact, I think he knew that I wasn’t going to listen to most of his advice.  So, dad would always end his advisory pit conversation, with “how to get out of the pit advice, when you have fallen into the pit”.  Now, this advice I had listened to very well and memorized; it has come in handy more than a few times and got me out of some pretty deep pits.

Dad always concluded his pit advice with the following summary statement.  “It’s not such a bad thing that you fall into a pit; that’s what life is all about, the journey through pitted and smooth experiences.  What’s most important, is how you see yourself once you’re in the pit, that you forgive yourself for falling into the pit, and that you pull yourself out of the pit, dust yourself off, move on to the next experience and try to avoid falling into the same pit again.”

I’m pointing to this story because, during my 55 years, when I have fallen into a pit, many of you have been there to reach down into the pit, extend your hand to help me out of the pit and dust me off so that I could continue on my way.  So, again, I say, THANK YOU!  For had it not been for your helping hand, in those times that I had fallen into a pit, I don’t know for sure if I could have made it out of the pit on my own.

No one can walk this life alone.  We are all made better by the spirits and angels that surround us; the people who are our moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, teachers, counselors, advisors, confidants, lovers and dear, dear friends.

What advice can I share from my 55 years?  If there are people in your life who have in the past or are now making a positive impact in your life, find the time to let them know simply by saying, THANK YOU!  You may never fully realize how positive an impact that simple statement may affect a person and you, and how much joy, love and positive energy it creates by sincerely saying, THANK YOU!

And lastly, as my father would often say, from the pulpit, at Second Baptist Church, on Sunday afternoons, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Now, go and sin no more”.  Amen.


Good and sound advice, Dad.  Thank you 🙂

Hycel B. Taylor III

The Possible Impossible, A Conversation With God


Oh God, I feel so imperfect, my fall so great, there is no possible way for me to become whole again; is this true?


As I am the creator of all things, all things are possible.  However, within the infinite possibilities in my creation of all things, even for me, there are some things that are impossible.

For as I am the creator of all things and as you are a creation from me, of me and by me, you are not now, nor have you ever been, nor shall you ever be anything less than a perfect creation from me; to be anything less than a perfect creation from me would be impossible.


Oh God, my pain and sufferings are so great, is it possible that I have lost your love?


All things that are created by me and through me are only created out of love.  And as I am the creator of all things, then all things must be created from love and nothing, nothing is without my love.

Therefore, you are not now, nor have you ever been, nor shall you ever be anything less than a perfect creation from my love; to have anything less than my complete and unconditional love for you would be impossible.


Oh God, I feel that my time is near and I am so afraid, what shall I do? 


I am before the concept of time, I am before the creation of time and I am the creator of time.  I am before the concept of ‘before’ and there is no ‘before’ outside of me for I am eternal.

And as I am eternal and as you are a creation from my eternal love, you are not now, nor have you ever been, nor shall you ever be anything less than eternal; that you could ever cease to exist to be, would be impossible.

In your corporeal form, your questions about me are warranted, your mysteries about me are expected, but they are unnecessary, for if you seek from deep within your heart and not from your physical mind you will already know my answers.

For if you fear death, if you question my eternal, absolute and unconditional love for you, if you do not see my perfection in you, then you have fallen into a state of sin.

And there is but one sin that you are challenged to let go of, there is but one sin that you must stop believing in and give creation to, there is but one sin from which all other sins are derived and this sin is that you believe and thus fear that I do not love you.

You have forgotten that you are my perfect creation.
You have forgotten that you are created from my perfect and unconditional love.
You have forgotten that my perfect and unconditional love for you is eternal and that you are eternal.

And because you have forgotten, you have allowed your instinct, you have allowed your intuition, and you have allowed your heart to create the delusion that you are somehow separated from me.

But, need I remind you that you are not now, nor have you ever been, nor shall you ever be separated from me.  As you are my creation, my creation from perfection, my creation from my infinite, unquestionable, undeniable, indefinable, eternal love for you, that you could ever be separated from me, is impossible.

While you are here in your corporeal form

  • bound by the confines of space and time
  • bound by the emotions of love and hate
  • bound by the vicissitudes of peace and war
  • bound by the raptures of joy and pain

While you are here in your corporeal form there is only one thing you need to do; for you have but one task, you have but one mission, you have but one purpose in your life; it is that you let go of your fear, hold on to your faith, renew your strength and find your way back to me.

And the only thing you need to do to find your way back to me is to remember that you are my perfect creation, remember that you are created out of my perfect and unconditional love and remember that my perfect and unconditional love for you is eternal.

And the only thing you need to do to repent, to turn back to, to remember my perfect, unconditional and eternal love for you, is simply to be still and know that I am God; stand still and feel the presence of my salvation.

For in the stillness of my presence there is only now, and in the stillness of my now there is no regret of the past, there is no anxiety of the future, there simply is the oneness with me.

It is here in my now that you will let go of your fear.
It is here in my now that you will find my peace.
It is here in my now that you will experience joy unthinkable.
It is here in my now that you will see my and your perfection.
It is here in my now that you will feel and know my eternal love for you.

For you are now, have always been and forever shall be, one with me.  For you to not be forever one with me would be impossible!

By Hycel B. Taylor III
I and My Father and My Sister Are One

Dear Chandra

chandra2017My Dear Friends,

It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you of the passing of my sister Rev. Dr. Chandra Taylor Smith.

For several months, Chandra had been battling stage four liver cancer. Fourteen days ago, complications from her radiation treatment took a turn for the worse. I sent a friend to Philadelphia, to the hotel where she was staying near her hospital, to bring her to Ojai California. Chandra has been with me here in Ojai California, staying at a lovely home where she was being cared for around the clock.

At 10:00 PM Monday evening, Chandra ended her battle with stage four liver cancer. I want you all to know that Chandra was at peace, she was not in pain and she was not alone, she was loved. Chandra had time to get her thoughts together, she had time to receive lots of love from so many people (angels) who came by to sit with her and care for her, but most of all Chandra found peace.

There are so many people I want to thank, for a thousand miracles that took place over the last thirteen days.  To Sabine, Christina, Olivia, Alarra, Steven, Kimya and so many other angels who blessed Chandra and showered her with love, I cannot thank you enough.

To Chandra’s husband Benny, I thank you for loving my sister and playing such a major role in Chandra’s life experience.

To Mom, I cannot fully fathom the loss that you are feeling having now lost your first born daughter; I can only empathize a little having just lost my best friend.

To my sister Audreanna, again I cannot fully fathom your pain either because you have known and loved Chandra longer than me.

To her son, Benny III, she loved you most of all; you are bone of her bones and flesh of her flesh.  You are the light of her heart, the center of her joy and her greatest accomplishment. I take great solace in knowing that at the moment of her passing you heard Chandra shout your name.  She’s telling you that she’s OK, she loves you and she will always be with you.

To all who knew and loved Chandra, I thank you for providing her such a rich and wonderful life experience.

Please know that Chandra is OK now.  She’s back home, she’s with the elders, her guardian angels, with Dad and with God.

Dear Chandra,

I love you
I already miss you so very much
You got me through so much in life and you taught me so much about life
My life has been made so much better and richer because of you
You were such a beautiful and wonderful person
You are such a sweet and wonderful spirit
Right now, I cannot imagine the world without your voice, the world without your smile, the world without your love
But, I rejoice in this physical life that you lived, a life so well lived
I rejoice in your transition back to pure spirit and light
And I rejoice, for I know that I will see you again.

Love forever and always, your baby brother,

I and my father and my sister are one.