So You Want To Become A Vegan

Dear Amy,

I’ve received a letter from you stating that your husband, Mike, has suffered a mild stroke.  So you, your husband, son and mom have decided that you want to transition to a vegan diet and you want to know how to get started.


There can be no sustainable diet change unless you have the knowledge to go with it.  Thus, without the knowledge of what it truly means to be vegan and the advantages therein, it will not be inculcated within your being. At most you will enthusiastically sustain a vegan diet for approximately two weeks. Then you will slowly start to wane until you make enough excuses to quit your vegan diet all together.


You must have the right motivation for moving to a vegan diet.  Do not move to a vegan diet because you no longer want to be sick or because you think you’re too fat or because you don’t think you look pretty, etc.  Those motivations for moving to a vegan diet are negative ones.

Move to a vegan diet because you want to be well.  Keep your reasoning and motivations positive.  It will make the transition from a carnivorous diet to a vegan diet much easier.  Not being sick, losing weight, looking awesome and feeling better than you ever have before in your life are merely the side affects of a good vegan diet.



To get Mike back to good health quickly, you should follow the recipes located in the book I recommended that Mike read, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.

It is important that you really read these books now as you’re moving into this diet.  Please do not underestimate my suggestion.  The knowledge you’ll gain from reading these books will have a huge impact on your ability to transition smoothly and steadfastly into your new life as vegans.

Each day, as a family, you should share with each other what you have learned from your reading.  Once each of you completes the book I have suggested for you to read, read the other two as well.

Best Regards,


Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of eating vegan.  Great things are about to happen.


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  1. I always love the vegan diet because it is healthier and does not have so much fat in it. :.”*:

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