Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I watched the sun rise this morning and I was wondering if you were standing next to me watching it too?

Or were you viewing the earth from a distance, watching it slowly twirl like a tiny Christmas ornament nestled within the fabric of space, falling gently around the sun?

Did you dance on the moon, skip gleefully across the surface of Mars, peer beneath the clouds above Jupiter and bathe playfully in the rings of Saturn?

Did you hear a cacophony of galactic noises and sounds resonating like a sweet and soft melodious jingle?

Did you sing a new song that roared like the thunder of a thousand colliding asteroids?

Did you become huge, vast and so immeasurable you could hold the planets of our solar system in the palm of your hand?

Did you clap your hands and, through its immense energy, give birth to a brand new sun?

And with a swath of your fingers, did you gently caress the stars of the Milky Way?

Did you take wing and screech across the heavens and the universe ten thousand times faster than a photon, weaving in, out and through an infinite array of galaxies, engulfing and consuming them all in an instant with the fullness and completeness of your being?

Did you transcend space and time?  Can you contemplate all things in a single thought? Is there life on other planets?  Will we meet again?

This morning I watched the sun rise, all the while trying to fathom a world without you in it.  I was wondering if you were standing next to me watching it too?


Hycel B. Taylor III


16 responses to “Dear Dad

  1. Hycel, I am so sorry to hear about your father.

    Gwen Rattliffe

  2. I love this poem. He will be truly missed. Love you guys.

  3. Annette T. Muhammad

    I pray that Allah (God) is pleased with his works. My family and I were truly blessed to have had him in our lives. He taught us as he spoke and how lived. Allahu Akbar (God is The Greatest)!

  4. I am so blessed for having known your father. Your words arrived in my email this morning, and stunned me. They are beautiful words. He was/is so proud of you. I miss him.

  5. you are in my thoughts and prayers “Doc” will be missed

  6. thank you for sharing with us this honoring of Doc I was saddened to learn of his death. I am one whose life was blessed by his life. My prayers are with you and your family at this time.

  7. Koressa Boone Jordan,Fayetteville NC

    This is a beautiful and fitting poem for your Dad, My family had been so extremely blessed not only by his leadership as our pastor at Second Baptist Church .But by his personal relationship with my parents William & Gussie Boone .Dr. Taylor was a man not afraid to stand firm on his belief’s and as a result ministry was birthed in my life and I am forever grateful.After leaving Second Baptist our personal relationship continued,He flew to North Carolina to eulogize my mom and last year we were blessed to dine with him in Libertyville, . Our life and the life of all we encounter will always be enriched and enhanced because of the word of God planted by Dr. Hycel B.Taylor.. Your Mom,you and your sisters allowed this to be by sharing him with us in the early years of your life and we say thank you. We will continue to pray for the entire Taylor family..

  8. Debbie Goggins-Mayes

    Very nicely done and a great way to pay homage to your wonderful dad. He was truly a great man and will be missed by all, but certainly not forgotten.

  9. Jewel Blackwell

    Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing it. He will be greatly missed.

  10. Suzanne B. Waddy

    You know he was very special in my life. I learned and grew so much during my time with him at Second Baptist. He was not afraid of standing up for what he believed and confronting and challenging other to think differently and grow. He will most definitely be missed. Blessings to you, Chandra, Audrianna and your families.
    As the first female Chair of the Deacon’s Ministry I feel truly honored and blesssed to have worked with him.

    • So many years have past since Second Baptist. Before coming to Las Vegas I was a member of Second Baptist Church from 1981 – 1990 but distance and many years have grown between keeping in touch. I would like to learn from Dr. Taylor’s family how I can get my hands on the many “pretures” (preaching lectures), he taught over the many years and even replicas of his art if they are available. He was a great man who made such a huge spiritual influence on my life. He is still well loved and in my fondest memories.

      Minister Dawn LaCoste ……a.k.a Dawn Rashid

  11. Hycel we are so sorry for your lost. Rev. Lenox lost his father this pass November and we feel and understand your pain. We remember the first time you introduced us to your dad and they joy and pride on his first when he got to hear the new sound of gosel music coming from you. Remember “Jesus is the Center of your Joy”. Take joy in knowing that he is with the Lord. God bless you and your family. The Lenox Family

  12. walter earl fluker

    Oh, my God! How beautiful!!!!

  13. My deepest condolences to the entire Taylor family and know that you
    are in my prayers. Grieving may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning..
    Minnie Choice

  14. Great poem Hycel
    Magnificent, moving

  15. Beautiful poem!

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