Living My Dad’s Faith & Freedom

I hit a newIMAG0811_1 personal best yesterday reaching 48.6 MPH descending down the mountain, shattering my old record of 46.1 MPH by 2.5 MPH. If dad were physically here, I would have called him to tell him the news and he would have said, ‘Grates Got Man! That’s awesome!’ And that’s all I would have needed to hear him say to make my day.

In light of the events over this past week, he would have been very proud because he taught me and others to be defiant, not to cower in the face of tragedy, not to fear in the presence of evil but to choose love in the face of hate and forgiveness instead of holding on to anger for what this lost soul has done.

Holding onto fear and hate weakens all of us; choosing love and forgiveness strengthens all of us.

Dad would say, now is the time to be emboldened and to be our very best. Nine people gave their lives being their very best; we should follow their lead in being unapologetic in our moral and ethical convictions, being in community with each other and to know that when we are severely spiritually challenged to be steadfast and assured in our faith and freedom.

Happy Father’s day Old Man,
Love Son.

2 responses to “Living My Dad’s Faith & Freedom

  1. Dear Hycel–

    I knew your Dad when we were both on the Garrett faculty. I have only just learned of his passing several years ago, and write to offer my belated but heartfelt condolences. He befriended me and advised me in important ways, and I shall never forget him.

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