Healed by a Holistic Physician

TumiPhotoI would like to give my highest recommendation to Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D. and her skills as an empathic, extremely knowledgeable Integrative Holistic Physician.

I have been a vegan for 26 years. I am and have always been very active athletically.  My favorite pastime is riding my road bike on 30 to 40 mile sprints or 50 to 100 mile long distance grinds.  Lately, since I’ve moved to Ojai California, I spend a  lot of time on my road bike climbing mountains that ascend above 3500 feet.

Since I can remember I have had a long suffering battle with dehydration and weakness after completing a ride.  Within hours of my completing a ride I start to get a headache and more often than not, it turns into a migraine and the next 24 to 48 hours are waisted recuperating just to get back to normal health.

Being in such good shape and adhering to a disciplined diet; going through this experience almost every time I complete a ride can be very depressing and defeating.

When I explained my challenges to Tumi, she listened very carefully. When I was done sharing with her my challenge, Tumi spoke very direct to me and said, “Hycel, if you work with me for one or two sessions, I can help you rid yourself of this challenge.”  I have to admit that Tumi’s confidence made me very hopeful without the skepticism that I would normally have; I’ve heard this before; but I had not heard that with a few minor tweaks of my diet, I would be able to overcome this challenge.

During our first session, Tumi had me prepare a bit of information about my eating habits and workout regimen.  Tumi took my information and prescribed some minor tweaks in my diet that best fit my physique, diet and workout regimen. Tumi also took the time to explain to me why I was suffering at the end of my rides because of the particular types of foods that I was eating (even as a vegan) before and after my rides.

It has been one month now that I have been following Tumi’s new regimen she prescribed for me, that is meant for my body, my physical workout regimen and my vegan diet; what works for me.  During the week of Thanks Giving, 2015, over five days, I climbed the equivalent of 10,000 feet and 100 miles of mountains; I drank less water than I normally would before and after each ride, I ate less food than I normally would before and after each ride; and with each ride I got stronger with an increasing feeling of physical bliss; this was an experience I have not had in all my years of riding.

Thank you Tumi!  You are a blessing to me and many others I’m sure; you are an angel sent from heaven and an answer to many of my prayers; that early in the morning I may wake up, get on my road bike, ride to my fullest capacity until I’m ready to drop from exhaustion by late afternoon and wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D. is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, NYU, an Integrative Holistic Physician and a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Click on the links below to learn more about Dr. Tumi Johnson’s work and to contact her.

The pertinent URLs:
Email contact: tumi.johnson@gmail.com

By Hycel B. Taylor III



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